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Roberts & Palmer
KTXR Mornings with Roberts & Palmer
Monday - Friday
5:00am - 10:00am



Let’s start where I was born and raised, Dallas, Texas. It’s been said that I was a normal
child, until third grade, this is where it all started going down hill. I got my first transistor
radio where I became obsessed with music and the announcers on this thing called AM
radio. I fell in love with radio and always knew that I would grow up to be a Radio "Disc
Jockey." I’m sure my parents had higher expectations.

Fast forward a few years, my dream came true in my junior year of high school when I
broke into this business called Broadcasting. At the time AM radio was still king and
FM was, well, FM. I wanted to be on the FM stations because the sound was crystal
clear and it was "Stereo” I just knew "FM” would be the future of Radio someday.
I started at KVIL FM in Dallas, Texas. I think we had two listeners. The owner and his
son the program director. I was hired and by my 2nd year of college I was making more
than my dad! Yes, FM took off like a light and I was on my way and I never looked back.
In 1979, while working at a Gordon McLendon station, KNUS fm, I married a wonderful
woman from Springfield, Missouri. In 1994, we moved from Dallas to Springfield. I
literally fell in love with the Ozarks and have been here since.

I was with the Oldies station here from 1995-2007 where I served as the Program
director & the Morning Co-host with Mike Edwards. (known then as the M & M Boys).
I began working for Meyer Communication, voice tracking afternoons and evenings.
On Thanksgiving, 2014, I was asked to fill some big shoes for a good friend. Woody P.
Snow who decided it was time to "rewire" not "retire.” Then 12-1-2014 a new morning
show was born on 101.3 KTXR fm with Mike Roberts & Kris Palmer or Roberts &
Palmer in the mornings 5-10am. We hope you give us a listen & tell a friend about
101.3 fm KTXR and Giant Hits of the 80’s 90’s and Today!


Coming Soon.

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